What is Kush Marijuana? Everything You Need to Know

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    So, you’ve probably heard about Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids, and you’re well on your way to knowing more about marijuana. To take your knowledge up a notch, you have to know what this famous “Kush” marijuana term everyone throws around is all about.

    The term Kush is a slang or a pop culture vernacular that refers to a specific type of cannabis. Aside from it, there are also other famous varieties of marijuana, like Purple and Haze. These cannabis categories are characterized by their unique flavors, effects on our experience, as well as their geographic origin.

    Many consider it to be the cream of the crop when it comes to cannabis. People all over the world love smoking Kush simply because it can provide better quality smoke than most, if not all, of the other varieties. It can also be used to make potent cannabis tinctures, dabs, and other cannabis-based products.

    What is Kush?

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    People often misuse the term “Kush” to refer to high-quality marijuana. While that in part is true, you should know that the term refers to an Indica variety of cannabis that originates from the Hindu Kush mountains. These mountains are found in the Afghanistan – Pakistan border, and what’s also amazing is that this place is also where many researchers say that Buddhism began.

    What makes it a cut above the rest is the fact that it is one of the purest strains of cannabis there is. Despite being an Indica, it has as much as 20% THC. It also has a very distinct aroma and flavor. And, of course, it is also known to give you a high unlike any other.

    Why is it Very Popular?

    Kush is very popular because it is one of only a handful of landrace strains. It’s one of the original species of marijuana and the ancestor of many of the hybrids that are available today. Many people love smoking this variety simply because it makes them feel like they are enjoying the essence of cannabis in its purest form.

    Another reason why it is very popular is because it has a very distinct flavor and aroma profile. Since it is grown in a very fertile environment, and in isolation from other strains of cannabis, the plants can mature properly. The clean and rich environment allows the plants to contain robust potency, aroma, and flavor naturally.

    Aside from being popular among marijuana users, Kush is also quite popular among cannabis growers. Since it is a landrace species, it can grow just about anywhere. It is known for its resilience and adaptability, allowing growers to have increased production.

    The Rise of Kush

    While it may have been used for thousands of years by people located near their area of origin, it was not until the 1960s and 1970s when people from the west began to take notice. The Hippie trail was a route that people who enjoyed cannabis took during that era. The trail led many from Europe to Nepal, passing along India, Pakistan and many other countries in search of unique cannabis strains and, of course, their Kush seeds.

    Once western marijuana consumers were introduced to Kush, more people began to look for its superior quality. It was during the reign of Mohammed Zahir Shah, weed-friendly king of Afghanistan, when people could find its seeds. In 1973, the king was overthrown, and weed was outlawed. But fortunately, the seeds that had been procured during earlier years were enough to allow the production and rise in popularity of Kush in western lands.

    How Do You Know it’s Kush?

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    There are many varieties of Kush hybrids available today. Each one of these varieties holds different Indica traits, smells, and flavors. But while these varieties are prized for the unique effects they can offer, their presence in the market can make it hard for beginners to know which one is genuinely Kush cannabis.

    To help you determine which ones are the real deal, you can take note of the following:

    1) Growth and appearance

    Since it is an Indica, you can expect them to grow small and bushy with broad leaves. It is also known to have short flowering cycles, allowing you to harvest a few times more each year than Sativa varieties.

    Most strains develop dark green leaves, and some of them have a hint of purple. When nearing harvest, parts of its flower will begin to develop a brown, orange, or rust tinge. Overall, the Kush plant will look squat and thick. With proper care, it will develop chunky, knotted, and dense buds.

    2) Effects

    As a premium quality Indica, it can produce a profoundly sedative effect on users. However, real Kush is also known to produce a sensation of joy, and even to induce laughter. When grown properly, it can be potent to the point it can calm users and put them to sleep.

    In some users, it is also known to give them a heavy, couch-locked effect. It can also give you a cerebral effect that may help with meditation. Its high is typically described as a bright and happy type of euphoria.

    3) Aroma and flavor

    Depending on the purity of the Kush, its aroma can be described as floral and earthy. Some users might also sense a hint of pine, sweetness, citrus, or herbs in its aroma. As for its flavor, users love its smooth and herbaceous taste. Some users also describe it as having a hint of grape, citrus, or floral flavor.

    What are the Most Popular Kush Strains?

    In its purest form, can be tough to find, unless you can make your way to its area of origin. While many growers say that they have the real deal, it can be quite challenging to verify it simply because the plants grown on western soil may be exposed to other cannabis species.

    But that should not stop you from enjoying Kush. There are a variety of strains available today for anyone who wants to experience it first hand. You can choose from Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant and even hybrid kush. Some of our favorite strains include the following:

    1) The OG Kush

    Cannabis in a jar

    The OG Kush is definitely the most popular variety to date. Many of its users say that it can easily hit the sweet spot for many of those who prefer to use Indica over Sativa. Since it can provide you with a bright type of euphoria that is tempered with the right amount of sedation, the OG Kush is an amazing variety that you can help you feel good.

    Another reason why the OG Kush is the most popular is because its legacy has made a lasting impression in the marijuana community for decades. With its high THC content that is balanced by the right amounts of terpenes and minor cannabinoids, it can be very easy to enjoy, relax, and have fun with this Kush variety.

    Today, OG Kush has achieved legendary status because more and more people want to try it, but it can be very hard to procure. It was originally a clone-only strain. This meant that you could not grow this variety through seeds and you had to get a cutting from a known OG Kush plant. Dabbing with the use of OG Kush cannabis concentrates are also highly enjoyable.

    2) Master Kush

    close up from the plant

    Master Kush is a hybrid Kush strain made from two landrace strains from the Hindu Kush area. This variety was made by Amsterdam’s Dutch White Label Seed Company. What makes it popular is its vintage flavor, which has been described by users as a combination of citrus, incense, and earthy notes.

    The effects of the Master Kush is described as being in full relaxation. While it provides a soothing and calming effect, it does not numb your mind. Instead, it increases sensory awareness and it may improve mental focus.

    3) Bubba Kush

    Bubba Kush is a strain that focuses mainly on Kush’s sedative effects. What its users love about it is its sweet flavor that reminds of coffee or chocolate when it’s tasted. Once smoked, it provides muscular relaxation all over and it puts the user in a happy, dream-like state.

    The origins of the Bubba Kush are unclear, but some suggest that it may have Afghani roots because of its distinct bulky buds and green to pale purple leaf color. The breeder also said that this strain was made from the cross-breeding of the OG Kush to another Indica strain, which may be why it has such a profound sedative effect.

    4) Kosher Kush

    Also known as the Jew gold, Kosher Kush is very popular simply because of its high THC content. A lot of cannabis users also love its rich aroma that can be described as fruity and earthy. It is one of the most odiferous and flavorful strains available today.

    This strain has won as the best Indica for 2 consecutive years in 2010 and 2011 and it was also recognized as the best strain of 2011. Much like Kush, the effects of the Kosher Kush is also that of heavy sedation and relaxation. Some people also use it because it can provide muscle relief as well as promote sleep.

    5) Purple Kush

    Purple Kush was developed in California by cross-breeding Purple Afghani with the Hindu Kush.What makes this strain popular is the fact it can give you long-lasting euphoria that makes you feel incredible. It also gives you a sweet aroma with earthy overtones.

    Another reason why it’s a favorite of many users is the fact that it only has an 8-week flowering time. This variety can also grow wide instead of tall, making it ideal for those who grow marijuana commercially and to individuals who prefer to grow one or two plants on their property.


    Kush is one of the best marijuana varieties out there. If you can get your hands on a pure, well-grown Kush plant product, we highly recommend that you try to enjoy one so you can see for yourself why it is a cut above the rest. If Kush isn’t available in your area, you can opt for some of the hybrids that are more available today.

    Although many will look at the THC content when it comes to choosing strains, you have to understand that Kush is one of the best not because it can give you a very potent high. Kush is considered premium quality simply because it has the right proportions of THC, CBD, terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids. Understanding these different types of cannabis and why you’d choose them is how you can start to learn how to select your perfect cannabis even more precisely!

    With hundreds of strains available, exploring what each of them has to offer can be an adventure on its own. To start you off in your journey, we highly recommend that you try the legendary OG Kush or any of our top picks first so you can have a benchmark of what high-quality Kush should be.

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