Tourette’s Syndrome: The Ultimate Guide to Treating it with CBD Oil

    Tourette’s Syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects the brain. This condition typically first occurs during childhood, and it may continue to develop or worsen during adolescence. The most recognizable characteristic that people who are suffering from Tourette’s suffer from are motor or vocal tics.

    With many states now legalizing weed or marijuana, more people now have access to cannabis and can research its possible medicinal applications. Today, scientists are exploring CBD’s potential to treat Tourette’s Syndrome, and the outlook is quite promising.

    What is Tourette’s Syndrome?

    What is Tourette's Syndrome

    Tourette’s Syndrome, often abbreviated as TS, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by the onset of repetitive movement or sounds. These repetitive movements or sounds are called tics, and they are typically uncontrollable.

    In most cases, individuals who have TS will often show signs of having tics when they are as young as 2 years old. However, it is still possible for Tourette’s to develop in adolescents until they reach 15 years of age. The average age for people to show signs of having Tourette’s Syndrome is 6 years old, and males are more likely to develop this disorder than females.

    Although Tourette’s Syndrome is not known to cause physical pain, the development of tics can be bothersome and psychologically taxing, especially if one has certain tics that can hinder proper movement or socialization. The main issue when it comes to this disorder is the fact that even today, there is no known cure for it.

    But it is not just the cure for Tourette’s that remains elusive. The cause of this disorder remains unknown because of how complicated it is when it comes to affecting the human brain. What scientists do know is that this disorder may be inherited genetically, and that the environment may have a vital role in its progression. It has also been discovered that chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine, and serotonin, may have a profound effect on the development of TS.

    What is CBD Oil?

    CBD dropper

    CBD oil is a cannabis-derivative that is extracted from marijuana or hemp. Cannabis is known to contain many potent chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids. The most potent are known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) and cannabidiol (or CBD). While THC is known for its potent mind-altering properties, CBD, on the other hand, is known for its medicinal benefits.

    CBD oil is made by extracting CBD using the whole cannabis plant. The CBD is then allowed to dissolve in carrier oil. Depending on the manufacturer, this may be hemp seed oil or even coconut oil. It is also possible to use other types of oils that contain essential fatty acids and nutrients to increase the potency of CBD further.

    Today, CBD oil is considered by many as an essential product when it comes to health and wellness. Many scientific studies have proven its effects when it comes to inflammation, pain, and even brain health. There are also a lot of medical marijuana users who can attest to its potency when it comes to helping them cope and find relief from a wide range of health problems that other medicine cannot treat.

    How does CBD Oil Work in Relation to Tourette’s Syndrome?

    With more people knowing how beneficial CBD is when it comes to brain health and in stimulating brain chemicals, there is also a growing interest in understanding how CBD may be used for TS. Thus far, the results from treating Tourette’s Syndrome with CBD have been a mixed bag: some people report a high reduction in tics, while others have had no change in symptoms whatsoever.

    The mixed results, however, maybe because of the fact that many of these individuals used marijuana, instead of just CBD oil alone. One must take into account that cannabis contains both CBD and THC. Different marijuana strains will also include different ratios and percentages of these chemical compounds.

    For this reason, the Tourette Association of America is now conducting a study to collect and evaluate specific data on CBD’s potential to help individuals suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome and other tic disorders.The association is also afraid that because TS happens at a very early age, more parents might end up exposing young children with this disorder to marijuana without proper guidelines.

    However, it should also be noted that CBD Oil does not contain THC. And as such, it does not produce any high, and it works very differently to smoking cannabis. CBD alone, thus, should not have adverse effects on adolescents if taken under the guidance of a doctor. THC should never be used to treat Tourette’s, especially in children.

    Here is some science-backed evidence of how CBD oil may work against Tourette’s Syndrome:

    1) CBD oil may help reduce tics in people suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome

    CBD oil can help reduce tics

    Most people who have this disorder will feel an urge or an overwhelming sensation that will only subside after a certain tic is performed. In most cases, the desire to do the tic is rewarded by a feeling of relief. This can make it quite difficult for many who are suffering from this disorder to get their tics under control. Some tics also involve jaw clenching and other motor repetitions, which will cause damage to muscles and bones in the long run.

    Although marijuana has caused a varied reaction among users with TS, studies have shown that CBD has a profound effect against tics. The study conducted in 1998, has shown that as much as 80% of the test subjects who had Tourette’s experienced fewer tics with the help of CBD.

    2) CBD oil may help control aggression and hyperactivity among individuals with Tourette’s Syndrome

    It can control hyperactivity due to Tourette's Syndrome

    Aside from the tics, people who are suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome may also suffer from uncontrolled outbursts of rage and hyperactivity. This is often seen in children who suffer from this disorder. The main problem with aggression and hyperactivity associated with TS is the fact that even the smallest stimulus or cause may trigger an overblown response. The disproportionate response, brought about by anger or aggression may lead to self-injury or injury of bystanders.

    Fortunately, studies have shown that CBD may be able to decrease aggression as well as have therapeutic effects against hyperactivity. There is some proof that there may be links between ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome in how they affect the brain. This is why a scientific study conducted in 2017 has found evidence that CBD use may help reduce the symptoms of ADHD. And because of that, it may also have the potential to help put the aggression typically found in individuals with Tourette’s under control.

    3) CBD oil may have the potential to increase the effectiveness of typical TS medications

    CBD for Tourettes Syndrome

    Although there is no known cure for Tourette’s, physicians routinely prescribe certain medications to help control tics. In recent studies, scientists found that when used in conjunction with these medications, CBD may help increase the medication’s effectiveness against TS. Patients who used medications for their TS, together with CBD, had a better response against the symptoms of TS. This proves the fact that aside from having the potential of being a stand-alone drug, CBD may also be used therapeutically against Tourette’s Syndrome.

    4) CBD oil may help improve the quality of sleep and reduce anxiety among individuals suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome

    CBD Oil

    Many individuals who are suffering from TS might also be suffering from a lack of proper sleep. Insomnia that some people who have Tourette’s frequently experience might be because of their tics, and it may also lead to the buildup of more aggression or irritability. People suffering from TS are also known to develop anxiety and even panic attacks.

    Although there are currently no studies that can provide a direct link between CBD and anxiety or insomnia in people with Tourettes, there are studies that support its possible use against these problems on their own. CBD is a well-known compound that may help reduce anxiety and improve the quality of sleep among its users. And people who are suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome may be able to sleep better and feel less anxious with the help of CBD.

    5) CBD oil may help decrease the symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder associated with Tourette’s Syndrome

    CBD oil can reduce symptoms

    Aside from having tics, since Tourette’s Syndrome is a disorder that affects the brain, some people who have it may also suffer from OCD. This is the reason why some people with TS also have the urge to repeat certain routines regularly or to obsess over certain details in their minds. Tics have also been associated with OCD. Although they might not lead to serious injury, patients suffering from TS and have OCD at the same time may have a severely decreased quality of life.

    Fortunately, it has been found out that CBD may have the potential to become an effective treatment against anxiety-related disorders such as OCD. By stimulating certain neurotransmitters in the brain, CBD may provide relief from the urges or the obsession that are typical of OCD.

    Finding the Best CBD Oil for Tourette’s Syndrome

    There are many CBD oil products that you may be able to use to help treat or alleviate the symptoms that are associated with Tourette’s Syndrome.

    To help you choose the best CBD oil for your Tourette’s Syndrome, consider the following:


    CBD oil is available in many forms, including fruity gummies, tablets, and capsules. You may prefer to use potent CBD oil drops for maximum effectiveness, while those who are worried about the taste may prefer to use CBD oil capsules or try tasty gummies for convenience.


    Look into the potency and extraction methods of the CBD oil you choose to use. Also, be sure that your CBD oil is not diluted with additional ingredients. Depending on your allergies or preference, you might want to use products that make use of pure CBD extracts in hemp oil for maximum potency.


    The purity of the product will usually dictate its price. Since CBD is difficult to cultivate and process, higher quality products are often more expensive than their lower priced counterparts.


    It would also be best if you can find a product that can provide you with third party laboratory results for the treatment of certain medical conditions or disorders such as Tourette’s Syndrome. Or, at the very least, you may also want to look for products that can provide laboratory results when it comes to the CBD content percentages and ratios of their CBD oil products.


    Why is it essential to deal with the tics associated with Tourette’s Syndrome?

    Complex tics may cause muscular strain, soreness, and even migraines. But aside from the fact that motor tics may cause self-harm in individuals who are suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome, tics may also affect their quality of life. Whether or not these tics are simple or complex, they may cause embarrassment, and they cause some level of discomfort, which is worth seeking help for.

    Individuals with Tourette’s often have a very high risk of being bullied, and they may also be prone to be isolated for their whole life. People who have TS often carry the stigma of this disorder, especially when they are placed in an environment that does not understand how TS affects people, whether it be in school or at the workplace.

    Through the evidence found in various research and studies, CBD may have the potential to help fight against symptoms of Tourette’s. With its use, it may help people deal with the tics, anxiety, insomnia, and even the aggression that is typically observed in people with this disorder. We can’t wait to see more research unfold on this topic.

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