Indica Vs. Sativa: How To Choose The One For You

    Sativa vs indica

    Indica Vs. Sativa, which one to choose? Getting the right strand of cannabis  can mean the world when it comes to enjoying all it has to offer. With its legalization becoming more widely accepted all over the world, individuals have more control over what kind of cannabis they want: you no longer have to settle for whatever your friend or illicit dealer has on hand. Since we have more control over our choices, we can select marijuana that helps us accomplish specific goals.

    We can smoke cannabis as weed, or we can process it into products such as cannabis tinctures, or dabs. We can also process it further to create products such as CBD oils that can be used to help promote wellness without the high. But, before you can delve into its potential, it is important to understand the two primary varieties of cannabis:  Indica and the Sativa.

    While many people think that there is nothing more to cannabis than its psychoactive effects, Indica and the Sativa, and even strains within these categories, can have effects as different as night and day. To be able to use them properly, understanding what each variety has to offer is the most important part, so you can reap the benefits of their fun effects and more practical uses.

    What is Indica?

    Close up of cannabis

    Indica plants are fast-growing and short. They are characterized by their bushy appearance as well as their broad leaves. And while this variety is known for its high yield when adequately grown, this plant does not contain very high amounts of THC. But what it lacks in THC, it makes up for in CBD. This variety of cannabis is known mainly in the weed industry as the variety that provides deep relaxation, calmness, health, and mental wellness.

    This cannabis variety is also typically grown in countries with cold climates and continually changing seasons because of its short flowering cycle. This plant is the go-to variety for those who use cannabis to help relieve pain and anxiety. Indica is also the variety that manufacturers use to produce potent CBD oils and other products that are not meant to promote the mind-altering effects of cannabis.

    In an ordinary setting, you might want to use this variety if you are looking to sit back, relax, and enjoy quality time at home. People typically use it before bedtime to help deal with anxiety and insomnia. It can also be used to help people unwind after a busy day at work.

    The Benefits of Using Indica

    With its high CBD content, the Indica variety is typically used for its medicinal purposes more than its mind-altering effects. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from using Indica:

    1 – Indica for increased relaxation and reduced anxiety

    Indica has been known to provide a profoundly calming effect that makes it ideal for individuals who are suffering from anxiety. It can also be beneficial for those who want a long, deep sleep after going through a tough day.

    2 – Indica for decreased muscle tension

    Aside from providing mental relaxation, Indica can also ease your muscles. This is why people who have been suffering from muscle pains or those who have been doing strenuous activities might want to use Indica to help soothe their bodies.

    3 – Indica to relieve acute pain and inflammation

    Since Indica helps to relieve muscular tension, it can also be used to help you deal with acute pain. Indica helps your whole body to relax by reducing pain sensation and allowing your body to heal better.

    4 – Indica may help you deal with nausea

    While Indica may not provide you with a lot of mind-altering potencies, it can be used to help you deal with nausea and other similar discomforts. By allowing your brain to relax and your mind to stabilize, Indica can help reduce the effects of nausea.

    5 – Indica to increase appetite

    People who are not bothered by the “munchies” often enjoy using Indica because it can help stimulate the appetite. In some cases, this variety can be used to help people suffering from eating disorders as well as  those who may benefit from increased nutrient and caloric intake.

    6 – Reduced Stress

    With the help of Indica’s high CBD and relatively low THC content, people who use it may experience a significant reduction in stress levels. They have also reported having an improved sensation of well-being.



    The Cons of Using Indica

    Not everyone likes the feeling of sedation or becoming too tired. This is why before you try using Indica, you might want to know some of its disadvantages so you can avoid getting unwanted results.

    1 – You might end up feeling lazy

    With its potent CBD content, smoking too much Indica or overindulging yourself on it can make you feel sluggish and tired for several hours. When they have taken too high of a dose, people complain that they felt sleepy all day or ended up losing interest in being productive for too long. Some have even noted that they had no interest in doing something as simple as talking.

    2 – Indica may have a musty and disagreeable flavor

    Some strains of Indica are known to have a distinct flavor, which some people describe as being “damp” and “musty”. While most people who are used to using Indica don’t mind it at all, those who have come to love the sweet and spicy notes of the Sativa might be put-off by Indica’s natural taste.

    3 – Indica may make you drowsy

    As a general rule, we highly recommend that you avoid driving after taking marijuana. This is especially true if you have just taken indica. This strain can make you very drowsy and it may impede your driving ability as well as your capability to do work.

    4 – Indica may not be able to provide you with the desired high

    Because of its high CBD and low THC content, Indica might fail to meet your expectations when it comes to getting high. Although the high might be good enough for marijuana beginners, it might not be enough for those who are used to using Sativa or more potent strains.

    5 – Indica may cause unwanted reactions

    Different people can react differently to marijuana. You have to keep in mind that the full effects of CBD have yet to be explored by science. It might be better for beginners to take a low dose of Indica and to watch out for any reactions.

    What is Sativa?

    Close up of Sativa

    Sativa plants are considered as the complete opposites of the Indica variety. Instead of being short and having broad leaves, the Sativa plant grows long and has thin, slender leaves. Sativa leaves also have a distinctly lighter shade of green.

    The Sativa variety needs more sunlight to grow than its Indica counterpart. This means that they are not suitable for growing in countries that have changing seasons. They are, however, known to grow well in areas that have sunlight all year round. This variety is not known to have high yields because they take a lot of time to grow and mature.

    We know Sativa for its psychoactive effect on people because it has a high THC and low CBD content. People who use cannabis for recreational purposes love to use Sativa only because it keeps them energized, active, and friendly.

    The Benefits of Using Sativa

    With its high THC content, people love to use Sativa simply because of its potential to give them a good dose of euphoria. With its mind-altering capabilities, the Sativa variety is most often used in making dabs or cannabis concentrates as it allows manufacturers to get potent results. Some of the benefits of using Sativa include the following:

    1 – Sativa helps fight depression

    If you always feel tired and low, the Sativa might just be the variety for you. By giving you a surge of energy, this variety can help you feel alive. Sativa is also known to help uplift your outlook so you can feel more positive about life.

    2 – Sativa stimulates your senses

    With its high THC content, Sativa can help stimulate you and give you proper motivation. This allows you to focus on finishing your tasks and activities. People have been known to use Sativa because it helps increase their creativity.

    3 – Sativa reduces appetite

    Sativa may be useful for those who want to stay fit and active. Instead of giving you the “munchies”, this variety of cannabis can help suppress your appetite so you can avoid overeating.

    4 – Sativa provides increased energy levels

    This cannabis variety can also help you get the energy you need for various physical activities. By using it at the start of your day, you can feel a surge of power that can help fuel you so you can keep on moving.

    5 – Sativa Induces euphoria

    Perhaps the most significant benefit of using Sativa is its capability to provide you with euphoria. With the help of its THC content, it can be very easy to get fantastic high. This makes it a great companion for those who want to have fun with people they love.


    The Cons of using Sativa

    Depending on your mood and needs, Sativa can either be your bae or the bane of your existence. Since it contains more THC than Indica, you will have to know how to use it properly so you can avoid the following side effects:

    1 – Sativa may cause restlessness

    Since it can provide you with energy, using it at the wrong time can make you restless and antsy. People who plan on using it for relaxation are surprised when instead of feeling calm, Sativa Keeps them occupied.

    2 – Sativa may keep you up all night

    Unless this is exactly what you wanted, you might want to avoid Sativa during night time. While it does give you a good head high, it’s important to understand that its effects may aggravate your insomnia or cause you to stay wide awake for several hours.

    3 – Sativa may cause palpitations

    Sativa is known to increase heart rate. This may cause an issue with people who have heart problems or to beginners who might feel alarmed at how fast their heart is beating.

    4 – Sativa may cause balance problems

    THC can affect the cerebellum, the part of your brain that controls your balance. This is why it may cause problems with your coordination after its use. Users may experience difficulties walking, talking as well as maintaining composure due to the effect of THC on the brain.

    5 – Young individuals exposed to THC suffer from memory problems

    THC mainly affects the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory. Scientists believe that the active compounds of marijuana affect how information and memory is processed in the brain. This is especially true among adolescents, this is why individuals who used marijuana in their adolescent years may suffer from cognitive impairment during adulthood.

    Indica Vs. Sativa

    The differences between Indica and Sativa are as clear as night and day. You have to understand this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the world of cannabis.

    Because there are thousands of cannabis growers all over the world, the plant cannot be simply segregated by two varieties. Today, cannabis is classified depending on even more specific strains. And its effect is no longer based just on whether it is an Indica or a Sativa but by the specific strain’s THC and CBD content.

    The more THC the strain has, the more potent its psychoactive effects are, and the more Sativa-like it may be. The more CBD the strain contains, the more relaxation it can provide for you. The ratio of THC to CBD can vary on each strain. You can rest assured that each one will give you unique flavors as well as distinct physical and mental effects.

    What are Hybrid Blends?

    There are also cannabis varieties known as the Hybrids. Hybrids are grown by combining various Indica and Sativa parent plants in order to produce a unique strain. The goal of a grower is mainly to make a cannabis variety that can be used to produce a specific effect whether it be for wellness or for creating a specific high.

    There are hybrids grown specifically to have the appropriate CBD to THC ratio to alleviate anxiety. Hybrids are also grown to ease the pain caused by chemotherapy.


    For first time users, we highly recommend that you take a small dose of Indica at night time so you can feel for yourself the effects of cannabis on both your mind and body. With Sativa, we recommend you try a dose during day time making sure you have something to spend your energy.

    If you feel a bit more confident in using cannabis, then, by all means, try Indica whenever you want to feel more relaxed or if you want a good night’s rest. You can use Sativa if you want more creativity, or if you want to have mental focus and physical energy.

    But a word of caution. Not all Indica strains cause relaxation, and not all Sativa can give you the energy or high that you want. A strain’s active compounds, will matter more than its classification into these two groups regarding the results it can provide. By understanding how chemical compounds such as THC, CBD, and how terpenes work, you can easily choose the right strain and get the effect that you desire.



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