Hemp Uses: 20 Crazy Properties you Didn’t Know

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    A lot of people today are touting Hemp as the perfect plant or “the plant of life” because of the insane amount of Hemp Uses. But while it does have its limitations, there are some pretty amazing things that Hemp can do not just for industrial purposes, but it can also provide benefits to the human body and almost everything we come into contact with.

    Historically, hemp has been used for centuries to make anything from textiles to housing materials. It is considered an ally to those who are resourceful because of the great amount of Hemp Uses. And now, with the proper distinction between Hemp and marijuana known to many, including lawmakers, people have finally begun to explore its potential for health, beauty, industrial, and other applications.

    To help keep you updated on how Hemp is being used today, here are the 20 crazy Hemp Uses:

    1) One of the many Hemp Uses is to create Hemp beer

    Hemp Uses - Beer

    There are a lot of people today who can’t help but love craft beers that are made in small batches. In fact, there are artisan beers that have gained popularity because they taste so much better than the products which are made by large factories.

    Today, there are many people who have been tinkering how to make beer from Hemp by replacing malt with hemp seeds. And while you might think that this is an unlikely endeavor, a California brewery has achieved it! Humboldt Brewery was able to make their own hemp beer and even won 2nd place in the American brown ale category.

    2) It can be also used to create Hemp Vodka

    If you think hemp beer is a crazy concept, then wait until you hear about hemp vodka. This product was dreamt of and made a reality by some folks in the US who decided to think outside the box.

    Today, hemp vodka is making waves in the liquor industry because, despite its 40% alcohol content, it tastes fantastic. Taste testers rave about about how smooth, rich, and fruity its flavor is.

    3) Hemp Uses include Hotdogs Production

    hot dogs

    Since Hemp can grow in various conditions, many people today are looking into how it can be used as a food source in less fertile and food accessible areas. In fact, a few inventors from Kentucky were able to take ordinary hemp seeds and put them on a new playing field by turning them into great tasting hemp hotdogs! To make these unique hotdogs, they used hemp protein, hemp seeds, and hemp oil. Now, you can enjoy a hot dog that is not just filling but also rich in healthy fatty acids.

    4) Another of the Hemp Uses is Protein Powders

    As a testament to the fact that Hemp is safe and is unlike recreational marijuana, some people have now developed hemp protein powders. Since Hemp naturally contains protein, there are manufacturers today who are processing it to make an alternative plant-based protein powder for vegetarian or vegan bodybuilders. Hemp is now known to provide the highest amount of protein per serving when it comes to vegan protein powders. And unlike the typical whey protein powders, Hemp does not cause stomach problems for those who are lactose intolerant.

    5) Hemp Burgers Production

    Hemp Uses -Burgers

    Among the Hemp uses, we have the burger production, if they can make hotdogs from Hemp, then they surely can make burger patties out of it too. But what makes hemp burgers different from other vegetarian patties?They are not bland. People who have tried them have claimed that the burgers actually taste a bit spicy, nutty, and earthy. Hemp burgers are a great way to enjoy comfort food without the guilt or the calories.

    6) Hemp Butter Ellaboration

    Butter on a toast

    Since hemp seeds are naturally rich in oil, it was pretty evident that someone would eventually try to make hemp butter out of them. Made in almost the same fashion as peanut butter and other nut butters, hemp butter is a product that many people enjoy consuming today. Besides providing protein and energy, hemp butter is also rich in essential fatty acids that your body needs for health and proper function.

    7) Hemp Uses also Include Hemp Milk

    Since hemp naturally contains vitamins and minerals, its potential to be used as a health product is not entirely unprecedented. Just as soybeans and almonds can be made into milk, hemp seeds can also be processed into a protein-rich beverage.

    Hemp milk is an excellent alternative for those who cannot process dairy properly in their tummies. Although it might not be as rich and creamy as your regular milk, it is a viable substitute that is full of healthy fats but less in calories.

    8) Hemp Shoes

    Aside from its potential use in the food industry, Hemp also has many uses when it comes to creating sustainable fashion. Using its naturally durable fibers, it can be processed into a textile or fabric that looks and feels like canvas. Whatsmore, the materials from hemp clothing items can typically be recycled and reused.

    Hemp was even featured by no less than the global brand, Nike when they released their special 4/20 shoes back in 2016. The shoes had a full hemp body, and it also incorporated a stylish design.

    9) Hemp Jeans and Tees


    The fibers found in Hemp are not just strong, they are also absorbent, breathable, and they even have antimicrobial properties. Hemp fiber can be combined with cotton to make durable T-shirts, and it can also be processed to make high-quality jeans that you can wear for everyday casual use.

    10) Hemp Uses include jackets and Coats

    Need to stay warm and cozy during winter? One of the Hemp Uses is that its fibers can also be used to help make winter coats and jackets. Although its fibers do not have unique heat-retaining properties, its fibers can be used to help make your jackets last longer by making it more durable. Hemp fibers can also be made softer so that it can be sewn into jackets as a lining to help provide additional protection from the cold.

    11) The Emperor’s New Clothes was made from Hemp

    Aside from being used in many casual attires, Hemp is also used in making the clothes of no less than the Japanese emperor himself. In the coronation ceremony, it is customary for the emperor to be clothed with a robe made from Hemp. This is because the Shinto religion has revered it for centuries as a plant that symbolizes comfort, wealth, and abundance.

    12) Hemp can be used to make Lotion

    Hemp Uses - Lotion

    Since Hemp is rich in essential fatty acids and because it is non-comedogenic, it is being used more frequently in clean skincare products. Hemp lotion is gentle and can easily be absorbed by the skin. It is ideal for those who are suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and even contact dermatitis. Aside from being used to simply help moisturize the skin, hemp lotion may also be able to support the healing of damaged skin.

    13) Hemp Balms

    Hemp Uses - Balm

    If you want something that works better than hemp lotions for very dry or damaged skin, then hemp balms may be just the thing for you. Hemp balm contains proteins and essential amino acids, and they may be used to provide deep nourishment for the skin. While they are rich in essential fatty acids, hemp balms are known to be quick-drying because the skin can easily absorb them.

    14) Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner

    Hemp Uses - Shampoo and Conditioner

    Most shampoos and conditioners today have a wide assortment of almost unrecognizable ingredients. Since many people suffer hair loss, dandruff, and damaged hair, many need a product that they can trust that gets result. Many Hemp shampoo and conditioner products today are made from natural ingredients. They take advantage of the nutrients that are naturally found in Hemp to help promote hair health and repair. Hemp hair products may also promote hair growth and healthy scalp.

    15) Hemp Serums

    People suffering from skin problems and scalp issues may benefit from Hemp Serums. Problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and even dermatitis can be very difficult to treat. But with the help of the nutrients found in Hemp, along with its easy absorption, people suffering from these skin and scalp problems may be able to get quick relief from itchiness and flaking.

    16) Hemp Uses include Massage Oil

    Hemp Uses - Massage Oil

    With the help of Hemp massage oils, simple body massages will not just help relieve muscular stress and tension. It may also help rejuvenate your skin. Hemp massage oil can be used by therapists to provide you with even deeper relaxation for your muscles during massage. And while you are enjoying yourself, your skin also absorbs the amino acids and fatty acids in the oil. This will allow you to be stress-free and have glowing skin at the same time.

    17) Hemp Muscle Rub

    Another of the Hemp Uses is the effectiveness for muscles that some products can also be applied by you and massaged into your body to reap the benefits of relaxation. By taking advantage of Hemp’s natural CBD content, this muscle rub can go deep within your skin and into your muscles. Aside from muscle pains, the Hemp muscle rubs may also be used to provide relief from joint pain, strains, and sprains.

    18) Hemp Pet Tinctures

    Now we know that Hemp and CBD can provide us with a lot of health benefits for both the brain and body, but did you know that CBD may also help provide health benefits for your pets too? Hemp may be used to make CBD pet tinctures, and they may be used to help dogs deal with phobias, anxiety, cancer, and even arthritis.

    19) Hemp Uses may Help Save the Earth

    Aside from helping to provide nutrition for the skin, hemp has the potential to save our soils. Studies have found out that because hemp can grow deep roots, it has the potential to clear a stretch of land of toxic chemicals and metals. It has been tested in Chernobyl, and some scientists say that it may have the potential to help heal the nuclear disaster area. In agricultural regions, hemp may be used by farmers to kill weeds and also to help remove contaminants from herbicides in the soil.

    20) Hemp Sports Car Powered by Hemp Fuel

    We saved the craziest of the Hemp Uses for last! Aside from its potential use for food, health, and clothing, hemp can also be used to make sports cars. The original hemp car was made in 1947 by the Ford company, and now Renew Sports Cars are taking it up a notch by creating a sports car with an exterior made entirely from hemp plastic.

    What’s more, this sports car was engineered to run on hemp biofuel, making the car very environmentally-friendly. Hemp fuel is currently being studied today by many scientists because it has the potential to be an excellent alternative to fossil fuel. Regular cars may be able to run on hemp fuel without changing the engine, and an acre of hemp may be able to produce a thousand gallons of hemp biofuel. So exciting!


    It seems hemp’s potential is limited only by the imagination. Hemp can provide you with nutrients when used as a food source, and it can even be fermented or made into milk. With the help of its fiber content, it can be processed into textiles, and it may even be used to make plastic. Hemp is also great for the environment as it may be turned into biofuel, and it may also be used to remove contaminants from the earth’s soil.

    With more farmers being allowed to grow hemp in the US, more and more people can now use it in many different ways. Over time, more people will unravel further its hidden potentials so all of us can enjoy its benefits.

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