Dabbing – The Ultimate Guide: Why and How Do You Do Dab?


    There is more to marijuana than meets the eye. Contrary to popular belief and our typical stereotype of the common pothead, marijuana can be used with an air of class and sophistication. Here is how you can use cannabis in its more elegant form by dabbing.

    What exactly is dabbing?

    To the uninitiated, dabbing is the use of concentrated doses of cannabis, commonly called dabs. Dabs are made by extracting the cannabinoids such as Tetrohydro cannabinoids, or THC, from the marijuana plant’s trichomes through the use of solvents. Depending on the extraction process, the result can come in the form of sticky oil, wax, or live resin.

    Dabbing is basically the process of heating up a small piece of cannabis concentrate on a device called a rig and inhaling the vapors that come out of it. The use of the rig allows you to properly heat up the concentrate, and it will also allow you to cool the vapors through the water with the use of a glass tube.

    For many, dabbing is not just about getting high. It is about using sophisticated tools and premium-quality concentrates in order to get the most out of cannabis. With dabbing, you can use stylish rigs as well as flavored concentrates, making cannabis even more enjoyable.



    Why Do People Dab?

    Dabbing provides a lot of conveniences that other forms of cannabis consumption cannot offer, and it takes getting high to a completely new level. Here are some of the fantastic reason why people choose to dab:

    ■Dabbing is smokeless, unlike smoking weed or using vapes, it helps you avoid having to deal with the stink.

    ■ Dabbing is light and smooth but is more potent than smoking joint or bong hits.

    ■Dabbing is made from concentrates, giving you better, more consistent results.

    ■ With the use of concentrates, you can easily control your dose.

    ■Dabbing does not make use of plant matter, allowing you to avoid consuming carcinogens, impurities, and pesticides.

    ■ Dabbing allows you to enjoy cannabis in style, and it provides better results than vaping.

    ■While cannabis tinctures are more discreet, they don’t allow you to enjoy the flavors and process of getting high. Dabbing, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy a wide variety of fantastic concentrates.

    ■ Unlike eating edibles, dabbing contains zero calories. They can also provide you with consistent and quicker results, making them far superior to edibles.

    Why is Dabbing Better than Other Methods of Consuming Cannabis?

    Here are some of the advantages of dabbing over other methods of consuming cannabis:

    Dabbing vs Smoking Cannabis  

    Dabbing is better than smoking cannabis simply because it can provide you with fast and consistent results. Smoking weed on the other hand, can provide varying results depending on burn consistency and other factors. Further, smoking cannabis exposes you to plant matter and paper-based toxins including carcinogens and pesticides.

    Dabbing vs Cannabis Tinctures

    While tinctures are also fast acting, since tinctures are often oil-like substances dropped into food or drink, using them does not allow the consumer to enjoy the aromas of different marijuana strains or the process of getting high.

    Dabbing vs Edibles

    While eating edibles can be delicious and fun, it can actually take hours for them to show their full effect. Dabbing is more advantageous simply because it can give you consistency and control over your doses. It also helps you get high without packing on extra calories.


    dabbing vs smoking cannabis

    What are the Downsides to Dabbing?

    Dabbing can have downsides simply because creating a dab requires technical skill and expertise. If the dab itself is not made correctly, it might contain impurities such as chemical residues, plant matter, and even mold.

    While you can make cannabis concentrates at home, we do not recommend that you try to make them on your own or use others’ homemade concoctions. Making concentrates can be dangerous and having impurities from untested dabs may cause a myriad of medical problems.

    Dabbing can also bring on a very powerful high, which might be too much for new users. To avoid getting unwanted effects, dabbing a low dose and at a low temperature is highly recommended for first-time dabbers. For those who might exceed their limit because they used too much cannabis on their first try, they may suffer from minor discomforts due to going overboard.

    Another downside of dabbing is the fact that it can be quite expensive. In order to get the most out of it, you will have to invest in the proper materials so you can enjoy dabbing safely. However, with the arrival of more rigs and concentrates in the market, prices have gone down to a more reasonable level.

    How Do You Dab?

    You dab by putting the concentrate or oil onto a hot surface where it will bubble and create vapors that you can inhale. To help you get the most out of dabbing, you will need to make use of a few sophisticated tools that can help make it more convenient and enjoyable.

    The Tools You Need to Dab

    What you need to dab

    To help you get the most out of dabbing, you need to get yourself a proper dab rig. Here’s the “hit” list:

    ■The Rig:

    The rig (Pictured Above) looks like a bong, but it isn’t. This device is composed of a nail, a percolation device, and a mouthpiece. You put water in the rig to help cool the vapors that emit from the concentrates when heated.

    ■The Nail or Banger:

    The Bange, curved tool for dabbing

    This is the heating piece of the rig. You basically heat this part, allow it to cool down a bit until it reaches around 365 degrees, and then you put a small amount of concentrate on it. The nail can be made from quartz or glass. To take dabbing to another level, you can also use a rig that has an e-nail. The e-nail is an electronically heated nail that can maintain low temperatures consistently and make dabbing more enjoyable.

    ■The Dabber:

    A couple of tools on a table to dabbing

    A dabber is a tool that helps hold the dab so it won’t get impurities from your hand or from other sources. You use the dabber so you can properly scoop a small amount of concentrate. The size of the dabber also allows you to scoop a consistent amount each time you dab.

    ■The Heat Source:

    The heat source can be as simple as a lighter, but if you want to make dabbing more sophisticated, you can use a torch so you can heat the nail evenly.

    As soon as you have all your tools, you can grab your favorite concentrate, fill the rig with water, heat up the nail with a torch, scoop a small amount of concentrate, let it bubble on the nail and inhale the vapors.

    The Best Weed Concentrates on the Market

    To help make your dabbing more enjoyable and easy to integrate into your life, we’ve created a list of some of the best weed concentrates on the market.

    Raw Garden Concentrates


    Raw garden concentrates are made by California’s leading brand when it comes to marijuana concentrates. A lot of people who have been enjoying dabs for years love this product because it has a distinctly luxurious terpene aroma.  Raw garden concentrates are also known for its decadent blonde appearance, for their fantastic flavors, for purity, and also for its affordability.

    Cali Green Gold


    A lot of young professionals who are into dabbing love Cali Green Gold concentrates because the brands know how to give art, life, and color to their choice of recreation and relaxation. Masterfully extracted from organic plants, their products showcase a plethora of flavors and aroma.

    Hella Dank


    Hella Dank is one of the hippest concentrate companies out there. What makes their products one of the coolest in the market is that they abide by strict purity standards by using zero solvents in making them. Their dry ice water hashish is processed carefully to produce a resin that has aromatic splendor rich in terpene oils.

    Frenchy Cannoli


    People describe often Frenchy Cannoli as the crème de la crème when it comes to cannabis concentrates. This is definitely the go-to brand for folks who want nothing short of elegance and exuberance from their dabs. Their “gourmet” products appeal to individuals who have a flair for the style and flavor.

    West Coast Cure

    For those who want the “dankest” concentrates with a lot of attitude, aroma, and flavor, we highly recommend the West Coast Cure Concentrates. The company is known for its high-quality concentrates as well as for the eclectic blend of exotic flavors. You are guaranteed to have a blast from their products!

    710 Lab Xtracts


    Euphoric and artsy, these are the two words that best describe the handpicked, organic, and pesticide-free concentrates from 710 Lab Xtracts. Carefully made by obsessed artists who want nothing less than OG flavors and aroma from hard to find strains, their concentrates offer award-winning results. Their products also provide flavors and aromas, unlike any other.

    The Verdict: To Dab or Not to Dab?

    If you’re someone with refined taste and wants luxury when it comes to weed, we highly recommend dabbing. With dabbing, you can forgo impurities, disregard all the hassles of smoking weed, and focus on enjoying a plethora of rich, decadent flavors, and aromas that cannabis can offer.

    Whether you want to make your recreation classy, hip, artsy, or just fun and discreet, dabbing is a sure way to go. Be inspired to choose your own rig and flavor that matches your own unique tastes, style, and personality.

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