CBD Oil for Pets: Can Our Loved Pets take it?

    CBD oil for Pets

    CBD oil is widely recognized today as a fantastic health product that has helped numerous people. With its proven effects on dealing with epileptic seizures, anxiety, stress, and depression, many people are enjoying their lives to the fullest with the help of this cannabis-based product. And now that more people have begun to discover how CBD oil can change their lives for the better, some want to know if CBD oil can also help improve their pets’ lives.

    CBD oil is not just one of the superfood fads that a lot of people fall for these days. Unlike some of the recent “Wonder” products that have been buzzing around the market, CBD oil has been used in scientific studies and medical settings for decades. Most of the scientific studies done in order to see how effective CBD oil is for various medical problems were conducted using animal models. This is one of the many reasons why pet owners today also want to know if their animal companions would also be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil.

    Should Pets take CBD Oil?

    Can Pets Take CBD oil?

    The short answer is yes. Pets can take CBD oil. However, before you jump into the wrong conclusions and try to give your pet some CBD, you should consider the fact that CBD can be very potent and must be used appropriately. With that in mind, you will have to be very aware of why you should give your pet CBD, as well as how your pet might react to this substance as soon as he or she consumes it. Although we have received positive feedback from many pet owners with regards to the use of CBD oil, proper care must be taken in collaboration with a vet, especially when it comes to dosage.

    Marijuana is now legal across many states in the US, and with that comes the influx of various cannabis-based products. This has allowed products such as CBD oil to be readily available. In fact, it can be quite easy to find products such as CBD oil for hair, CBD oil for cooking, topical creams and lotion infused with CBD, and of course, CBD oil for pets. Unfortunately, the presence of so many products in the market may also mean that there is CBD oil  that are not pure for pets, or that may contain ingredients that might be harmful to your furry loved ones.

    It would also be wise to note that just as the effects of CBD oil has not yet been fully understood in humans, more studies need to be done to know how it would affect our pets. As of today, very few formal studies have been conducted on how CBD oil may be able to help dogs deal with some health issues. However, we do have customer feedback from clients who have tried giving their pets CBD, as well as accounts of experienced veterinarians. Also, since most people who have tried giving CBD oil to their pets did so to dogs and cats, we have little information with regards to its effect on other types of pets.

    The Pros and Cons of Giving CBD Oil for Pets

    According to some anecdotal evidence, the use of CBD oil for pets may help some of the animal members of the family to benefit from what CBD can provide. But because there is currently no way for us to be certain of what specific effects CBD can provide for our pets, especially with long-term use, it would be much safer if pet owners first weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

    The Advantages of Giving CBD Oil for Pets

    CBD Oil for pets like dogs

    1) CBD oil for pets does not contain any THC

    Unlike THC, CBD is not capable of giving either people or pets a “high.” CBD is all about providing you and your pet with a wide range of health benefits without causing any psychoactive effects. In fact, accidentally giving pets euphoria with CBD oil use should not cause worry among pet owners because, most of the time, CBD oil is derived from hemp, not Marijuana.

    2) CBD oil for pets may produce positive effects

    There is mounting support to the fact that CBD may be able to provide a wide range of positive effects when used on pets. Aside from the fact that animals in many studies have been able to get good results from CBD oil, there are now many pet owners who are regularly using it on their pets. Today, the AKC Canine Health Foundation has also made the necessary steps towards knowing more about what CBD oil can do for dogs. The foundation is now sponsoring a study aimed at evaluating CBD potency for treatment-resistant epileptic dogs.

    3) CBD oil may help provide pain relief among pets

    One of the many advantages of giving them CBD oil is when it comes to pain relief. Many pet owners suggest that their pets are now less reactive to pain stimuli. This effect has been scientifically proven in humans. This is why it comes as no surprise for many that low doses of CBD oil may also help pets deal with low-level pain. Studies are also being conducted today, looking into how CBD oil may provide pain relief among dogs who are suffering from osteoarthritis.

    4) CBD oil for pets may help reduce anxiety

    Some pet owners have reported the fact that ever since they gave their pets CBD oil, their pets seem more relaxed than ever. Others are known to be scared at night when they are less capable of seeing clearly, and CBD oil has helped these pets by allowing them to feel less anxious. Some of these pet owners have also said that CBD oil helps many of their pets sleep properly at night.

    5) Other effects in Pets

    Aside from these advantages, giving CBD oil to your pets may also help them deal with other health problems. These may include the following:


    ■Loss of Appetite



    The Disadvantages of Using CBD Oil for Pets

    CBD Oil for pets like cats

    1) Dosing CBD oil for pets may be difficult

    Even when used by humans, dosing is a crucial part when it comes to administering CBD. But because there is no standardized dosing procedure for pets, it might be difficult for homeowners to know how much CBD oil to give to them. Since dogs and cats come in various shapes and sizes, some experts recommend that you give 1 milligram of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. But just to be on the safe side, it is highly recommended that pet owners use the lowest dose first so they will be able to see how well their pets react to it safely before increasing intake.

    2) CBD oil use for pets is still in the early stages of scientific study

    The extent of how CBD oil may be able to help our animal friends is still mostly unknown because of the lack of adequate scientific proof and research. While some steps have been taken towards uncovering its benefits, the information we currently have is still not enough. This is the primary reason why experts are still on the fence as to whether they should recommend CBD oil for some pets, especially if there is no urgent need to do so.

    3) CBD oil may trigger unwanted side effects

    Many of the adverse side effects that pets may go through as a result of CBD use are based on how humans sometimes react to it. Many pet owners who gave it to their pets have noticed some of the following side effects:

    ■Loose stool

    ■ Dry mouth


    ■ Tremors


    Depending on how severe the adverse effects are, they might not be a cause for concern. Some say that these side effects all point to using a dose that is too high for your pet. Nevertheless, this should be reason enough for pet owners to make sure that they do adequate research first before deciding whether or not they should be giving CBD oil for their pets.

    How can I give CBD Oil to my Pets?

    Husky licking it's face

    There are many different ways that homeowners can use to give CBD oil for their pets. The simplest way is to use human CBD oil directly through a dropper. If your pet does not like the taste or odor of CBD oil, you can also opt to add a few drops of it to your pet’s water bowl. As far as some experts are concerned, dogs can use human CBD oil for as long as the proper dosage is being utilized.

    Another great way to give CBD oil to pets is with the use of pet quality CBD oil. These products are often already infused with the proper CBD concentrations. Most of the CBD oil products for pets also have the proper instructions enclosed so that you can use the product with confidence. There are also CBD oil-infused treats that you can use for your loved furry friend. These treats typically come in the form of biscuits or meat-flavored bites that your pet can easily enjoy.

    Guidelines for Choosing the Best CBD Oil for Pets

    Dog with sunglasses in the snow

    Whether you prefer to use CBD oil, CBD tinctures, or CBD-infused treats, there are a few things that you will have to keep in mind before buying any of the products. Here are some of the factors that you will need to consider before buying CBD oil products for your furry friend:


    Always make sure that the CBD oil product has high purity. The lower the purity the product has, the bigger the chance for that product to contain chemical compounds that might harm your pet.


    Make sure that the CBD oil is sourced from organically grown plants. This will help ensure that you will not be giving your pets even the slightest amount of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

    Look for premium products

    For your own pet’s safety and wellness, it is highly recommended that you buy CBD oil for your furry friend from manufacturers that can provide you with laboratory analysis on how much CBD is contained in their products. Although this may mean that you will have to pay more, this will be a small price to pay for your own pet’s safety and wellness.

    Opt for CBD oil

    Although CBD infused treats may sound more fun and exciting, you have to understand that some treats contain artificial flavors and colors. Ingredients such as xylitol, for example, may help make CBD more palatable, but you need to know that it is toxic for animals.


    Dog and Owner

    Can pets take CBD oil? The simple answer is yes, pets can. However, the real question lies on whether your pet needs to take CBD or not. Without a doubt, experts would say that healthy pets do not need to use it. However, if there is a need, you may be able to use CBD oil with proper precaution. You need to understand that we still need to conduct more studies, so we will know the full extent of how CBD can affect our pets’ health and wellness.

    If you think your pet needs to take CBD oil, we recommend that you talk to your veterinarian about it first. With proper guidance, the correct use of dosage, and close monitoring, your pet may be able to enjoy all the health benefits that CBD can provide. When used correctly, it may very well help improve the quality of life of your loving companion(s).

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