Cannabis Tinctures: The Complete Guide

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    What are cannabis tinctures?

    Never heard of cannabis tinctures? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

    Cannabis tinctures offer one of the least known ways of consuming marijuana. They are alcohol-based, or glycerin-based, cannabis extracts that come in itsy-bitty glass bottles that are applied with the use of medicine droppers.

    Convenient, super portable, and out of this world enjoyable. These underrated extracts are one of the best methods for consuming cannabis.

    Although cannabis tinctures have not yet caught the attention of the mainstream cannabis market. Those who have tried it and have come to love making them know that it is only a matter of time until this smoke-free cannabis consumption takes center stage.

    What is the history of cannabis tinctures?

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    As early as the Roman Empire, medical practitioners have experimented with cannabis tinctures for a variety of medicinal purposes. But in modern times, the use of cannabis grew in popularity after Dr. Walter O’Shaughnessy, in 1839, learned about them on a voyage to India. He returned to England, where he began to teach and educate people about the incredible medicinal and pharmacological uses of cannabis.

    The popularity of cannabis tinctures grew, not from pharmaceutical companies, but from local pharmacists. These made their own tincture versions by using or by discovering their own unique methods and by selling them to their local communities.

    Yet as the cannabis fell under siege to poor press and stigmatization, tinctures became banned in the mid-20th century. With more people at that time abusing marijuana,  the concern for marijuana use grew out of proportions across the whole country.

    But with new advances in science and technology today, as well as with renewed scientific interests on the benefits of marijuana, times have finally begun to change.

    Cannabis tinctures are returning to their glory days. People are beginning to rediscover their incredible medical uses and their ease of consumption. This is especially true today, where marijuana smoke can offend people in more ways than one.

    6 Incredible benefits of cannabis tinctures

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    Cannabis tinctures have amazing benefits that traditional smoking, dabbing, edibles, and other forms of consuming cannabis lack. As a matter of fact, there are avid marijuana users who have nothing but praise for its underrated use and effects.

    See how cannabis tinctures can give you more bang for your buck over conventional cannabis products.

           1. Cannabis tinctures can last for years

    Unlike traditional weed, tinctures do not get dried out or expire quickly. If you enjoy the effects of THC, but you are not a daily smoker, tinctures are the solution for you.

    Because cannabis tinctures live in an extracted solution, the potency of the THC can remain intact for several years. Thus, for global pandemics, natural disasters or hiding from your angry girlfriend, tinctures are the perfect thing.We recommend that you store your tincture in a dry and cool location to preserve and maximize its durability.

         2. Cannabis tinctures can be easily consumed

    An open mouth with the tongue up with a pointer on that zone

    All the days of back alleys, bushes, and having to go to various smoking spots just so get your dose of cannabis are gone. With the help of tinctures, you can easily have your fix without struggling, after all, discrete is cannabis tinctures’ middle name.

    A lot of people hate the smell of smoking weed, aside from the stink, which can easily give away your marijuana use. And while dabbing can be quite fun and fancy, some people find using a rig and heating concentrates too complicated.  Fortunately, tinctures can help you get where you want to be without having to use complicated rigs or having to deal with the lingering scent.

    Cannabis tinctures are fantastic simply because they can be easily applied sublingually. Simply put, you can put a measured dose of the tincture under your tongue, and that’s it, you’re good to go. No more trying to find the right smoking spot, smoke alarms going off, or having to deal with angry neighbors. Consumption is quick, easy, and everything gets done in just a matter of seconds.

          3. Cannabis tinctures are fast acting

    With cannabis tinctures, two things work together to help make its effect fast-acting. First of all, tinctures are made without the use of unnecessary plant material, allowed to soak in high-proof alcohol and filtered. The process that it goes through alone makes it very potent and readily absorbable.

    Secondly, because it is applied sublingually, your body can absorb it right away without having to go through processing through your lungs or digestive system. When THC is extracted from the plant and applied sublingually, it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

    Unlike edibles, which can take hours for you to begin to feel the effects, you can experience an incredible high – in as little as 10 minutes with these tinctures.

         4. You can easily determine an accurate dose with cannabis tinctures

    Edibles are notorious for being very inconsistent and also for taking too long when it comes to getting desired results. The same thing also goes for weed, especially when you get unreliable strains or worse, unreliable sources.

    In most cases, you end up having to wait for almost an hour to get results, or you end up wanting to get another dose. This can actually be quite problematic. If you end up getting too much or if you end up not having enough, either way, you’re definitely going to have a bad day.

    The effects of smoking weed or taking edibles can vary from person to person and from strand to strand. But getting the right dose does not have to be complicated. Thankfully, with the help of cannabis tinctures, taking THC will give you less stress and more adventure.

    When it comes to tinctures, you simply have to start at a pre-set dose, like 1ml, for example. Then you have to wait ten minutes, and if the effects aren’t doing it for you, you can add 1 ml more. Since you are in control of the dosing, and because you can get fast results, finding your perfect high can be as easy as pie.

         5. Cannabis tinctures are smoke free

    If you rip a bong too hard, you’ll be coughing uncontrollably. Rip a bong too often, and you’ll end up raising more than just the smoke alarm. Fortunately, you can still get your fix without leaving any smoke behind with the help of cannabis tinctures.

    Tinctures help recreational and medicinal users transition into a cannabis product that can be discrete, or doesn’t irritate their airways.

         6. Cannabis tinctures are a low calorie alternative to edibles

    If you hate the smoke but love the THC, probably your next option is edibles. But are all the calories from edibles worth having the high? By opting for cannabis tinctures, you can easily skip the calories and get the desired results in minutes. Now that’s what I call a full package!

    6 Incredible Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures - Hoja

    What is the difference between THC and CBD tinctures?

    THC refers to Tetrahydrocannabinol or the compound found in cannabis that provides it high. CBD, on the other hand, is cannabidiol, or the compound found in cannabis that is used for its medicinal properties.

    CBD is used in a myriad of ailments, such as insomnia, inflammation, seizures, artery blockage, and anxiety. The higher the CBD content of the product, the better it is to promote health and wellness. On the other hand, the higher the THC content, the stronger its mind-altering properties will be.

    Cannabis tinctures often come in a ratio of THC to CBD. We recommend that you start with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD if you have never tried cannabis tinctures before.

    Does cannabis tinctures cause any side effects?

    Having too much of a good thing can be bad for you. If you are taking a tincture with too high THC content, you might suffer from a severe case of munchies or paranoia. If the CBD content of the tincture, on the other hand, is too high, then you might end up with a dry mouth. By far, the most significant side-effect that tinctures cause is that it might interfere or cause unwanted interactions if taken with other medications.

    How to make cannabis tinctures at home

    When making tinctures, remember that you can get potent results if you use high-quality ingredients and proper processing techniques. You should also keep in mind that high-proof alcohol is very flammable, you should be careful while using it near high temperatures.

    What you will need

    To make a simple cannabis tincture, you will need to have the following:

            – 1 ounce of your choice of cannabis

            – A mason jar

            – 300 ml of your choice of high-proof alcohol

            – A filtering device

    Step 1:

    Prepare your ingredients. We highly recommend that you use your choice of cannabis, or better yet cannabis concentrates for potent results. You can also use your choice of high-proof alcohol, even spirits, but we prefer to use Everclear for consistency.

    Step 2:

    Dissolve the plant material or decarboxylate cannabis. You can also opt to grind the plant material finely before dissolving it so that the alcohol can attach to the cannabis compounds better.

    To do this, put the cannabis in the jar and let it soak in the alcohol for a couple of weeks, shaking the jar once per day. For a more potent result, you can shake the solution for an hour or let the solution soak for up to three months in a dark place.

    Step 3:

    As soon as the solution is ready, you can filter it with a strainer. But for best results, we recommend that you use a coffee filter or other filtration devices that can help give you a purer end result.

    How To Make Cannabis Tinctures At Home - Hoja

    Cannabis Tinctures Alcohol vs Glycerin

    Depending on your preferences, you can use alcohol or glycering to make tinctures. Most people who want a more potent tincture will prefer to use alcohol. This is because it can bond with compounds better. However, you need to know that high-proof alcohol is very flammable. Those who prefer a less-potent tincture, prefer to use glycerin.

    Cannabis Tinctures - Alcohol vs Glycerin - Hoja

    Cannabis Tinctures Brands We Love

    1) Forest Nymph Botanicals’ Sweet Dreams Tincture

    Forest Nymphs Botanical bottle

    This cannabis tincture is ideal for those who want to relax and improve their health or wellness. Its unique formulation helps improve mood, alleviate anxiety, and reduce inflammation.

    2) Venice Cookie Co’s CBD Balance One Tincture

    CBD Balance bottle with dropper

    This product is ideal for those who want the best of both worlds. Containing an equal ratio of both CBD and THC, it can be used to help give you a smooth high without having to go through the anxiety that most tinctures cause.

    3) Hashman Canna Drops

    three Hashman Canna Drops bottles

    Their tinctures are perfect for those who want to relax or stimulateafter a tough day at work. While their Indica can help you unwind and relax, their Sativa Revive tincture allows you to get a wave of high almost immediately after application.


    Using cannabis tinctures can provide users with a lot of benefits. Aside from being a fantastic smoke-free and calorie-free alternative to conventional weed and edibles, tinctures also contain underrated potency.

    With long term storage capabilities, you can enjoy the effects of cannabis little by little. And because you can ingest it discreetly, you won’t have to worry about where to smoke weed or how to get rid of smells in your home.

    You can make your own tincture, but you should try tincture products first to see how it suits you. We recommend you start them with the lowest dose so you can balance its impact and get the perfect high.

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