Cannabis Strains: 20 Incredible Types You Must Try

    To date, the marijuana community recognizes close to 800 cannabis strains that have all been named and profiled. With each strain capable of providing you with its own unique benefits, effects, and properties, it can be quite hard to figure out which one will suit you best.

    To better suit your tastes, you need to know exactly what kind of high you are looking to get. Remember, cannabis can either make you feel high or tired, depending on the strain you are going to use. You should also consider what many of the experts within the cannabis community recommend. While it may be fun to explore all of these strains, it would work best for you to start your journey on the right track.

    To help you get the most out of all the cannabis varieties available today, here’s a list of 20 incredible cannabis strains you must try!

    The Power Five Cannabis Strains

    The Power 5 Cannabis Strains

    The power five is all about potency. Here, we are going to showcase some of the strains that can pack a punch when it comes to THC levels. Although they may not be new strains, many of them are “OG” or original strains that have been tried and tested for years.

    It should be noted that most of these strains are for experts only. First-time users should exercise caution when using them. These cannabis strains are all highly recommended for those who are looking for quality and strength.

    1) The Godfather OG Cannabis Strains

    Cannabis authorities consider this marijuana strain the most potent cannabis strain there is. While most strains only contain 25% THC, this cannabis strain has been known to have a whopping 35% THC content.

    The Godfather OG‘s potency is matched only by its quality. As an indica strain, it can give you a cerebral high the moment you take the first puff. This intense feeling is soon followed by a whole-body euphoria that can fill you with joy and relaxation. And because its euphoric effects can easily take over your mind and body, you can expect to be couch-locked or even immobilized for hours on end.

    2) The Strawberry Banana

    While its name is reminiscent of a nice cold smoothie, dessert lovers are in for a treat with this strain. Made by cross-breeding Strawberry Bubble gum with Banana Kush, this indica dominant strain has a lot to offer when it comes to flavor.

    But don’t let its sweet name fool you, this strain has been known to contain 31.65% THC. That is still way higher than most of the cannabis strains out there. It’s high is described as cerebral that can make you feel both focused and relaxed at the same time. Experts also say that the Strawberry Banana is ideal for those who are suffering from PTSD and depression.

    3) The Chemdawg

    This cannabis strain is Sativa dominant, and, some say that it was created by crossing a Nepalese with Thai cannabis. As the previous record holder for the highest THC content, the Chemdawg should not be trifled with. With its 32.13% THC content, this strain can provide you with an uplifting yet calming effect. It also has a very distinct aroma and is a favorite of people who want to awaken their artistic sides.

    4) The Ghost Train Haze

    Made by crossing Neville’s Wreck with Ghost OG, this cannabis strain contains as much as 28% THC. This strain is also a previous record holder and is considered by many as a favorite simply because it can give you a distinct sour flavor and floral aroma.  As a top breed cannabis strain, its high can make you feel amped-up and is ideal for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

    5) The Gorilla Glue

    This strain is another heavy hitter when it comes to THC. Many growers say that it can contain as much as 25-30% THC depending on how well this marijuana plant is cared for. As one of the most sought after cannabis strains in the US, it can offer an earthy flavor coupled with a chocolatey-mocha aroma. It can provide its users with a powerfully sedative high that can take even the experienced users off guard.

    The Home Growers’ Favorite Cannabis Strains

    Home growers' favorite cannabis strains

    These cannabis strains are what we recommend for those who want to grow their own marijuana at home. Instead of containing very high amounts of THC, these strains offer high yield and trichome production.

    Many of these cannabis strains that we recommend can provide you with a decent amount of THC, CBD, terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids. They are quite easy to grow, and they are ideal for novice growers.

    6) The Allkush

    This indica-dominant strain was made by combining Dutch genetics with the Kush. This award-winning marijuana contains decent amounts of THC with low CBD, allowing the user to have a very unique high. Its effect is often described as relaxing to the body but uplifting when it comes to the mind.  The Allkush can be grown indoors, where it will stay short, and yield as much as 450 grams per square meter.

    7) The Easy Skunk

    As a favorite of laid-back marijuana users and growers, it can have 15-18% THC content. This makes it ideal for new growers and for those who want to introduce cannabis to their friends. It is known to be quite easy to grow because it only requires minimal care. It is known to provide a smooth indica-dominant high. This cannabis strain gives you a smooth body buzz with a mild and relaxing feeling.

    The Easy Skunk is a photoperiod variety, and it stays manageable when grown both indoors or outdoors. This strain can provide medium yields during harvest time.

    8) The Blue Cheese

    This cannabis strain is another favorite for many new growers. This is because it can grow well indoors even in simple grow boxes that make use of ordinary LED lights. This is one of the most recommended strains for home growers because it is quite resistant to molds and pests. Many growers like this strain because it can give you a high yield while having a short flowering cycle. Being indica-dominant, this variety can provide you a heavy, sedating high that is ideal for pain relief and stress reduction.

    9) The Northern Lights

    This strain comes from pure indica, allowing its users to experience a very relaxed and smooth high. Many recreational users love it simply because it can provide you with a distinctly sweet yet spicy aroma that is not too overpowering. Aside from being known for its smooth effects, this strain is also popular among growers because of its hardiness. It can provide a high yield of buds that do not have strong odors within 9 weeks or less.

    10) The Critical Cannabis Strains

    The Critical is a cannabis strain that is ideal for new growers or for anyone who wants a good high and very high yields. As an all-rounder, this variety can be grown both indoors or outdoors. With its short flowering periods, you can expect to get as much as 600 grams per square meter in 8 weeks or less from this strain. Its high can be described as a potent and robust stone.

    The Must-Try CBD  Cannabis Strains

    CBD Cannabis strains

    For those who want to enjoy cannabis for all of the health benefits, we recommend strains high in CBD. Many of these strains however, may also have decent THC content.  This will allow you to enjoy the euphoria it can provide so you can feel good while your body heals. If you don’t want the psychoactive effects, you can find the right fit for your needs!

    11) The Cannatonic

    This award-winning cannabis strain is known for its high THC and CBD content. Known for having a 1:1 ratio, this strain provides you with a potent high while you enjoy the health benefits. Its buds are also full of terpenes that give it a distinct flavor and aroma.

    The Cannatonic won a CBD cup award a few years ago, and it is highly recommended for people who are using marijuana for medicinal purposes. This strain has been known to help reduce seizures among people who suffer from epilepsy.

    12) The CBD Therapy

    This cannabis strain is quite unique in the world of marijuana simply because it came out as a result of a breeding project. The project focused on creating a strain that contained high amounts of CBD, and the result was this variety that had a 1:20 THC to CBD ratio. As the only strain that has this quality, the  CBD therapy is prized for growers who make cannabis tinctures, CBD oils, and for those who use marijuana to treat various ailments.

    13) The Candida

    What makes Candida unique is that it provides you with high amounts of CBD while having very low THC content. This cannabis strain can contain 10-20% CBD while only having less than 1% THC.

    This makes it perfect for those who want to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis while getting only a small dose of its psychoactive effects. Considered by many as a medical cannabis strain that is useful against PTSD and other mental disorders, it can also provide you with a mild, relaxing high.

    14) The Juanita La Lagrimos Cannabis Strains

    Although it does not have a significantly high CBD content, nor a significantly low THC content, many users like this strain because it provides a unique balance. Containing 8.8% CBD and 6.7% THC, this variety can still give you euphoria. But because of its unique THC to CBD ratio, it can give the user a clear head without making the user feel very stoned. Its effects make this strain ideal for those who are suffering from depression or anxiety.

    15) The Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strains

    This strain is very popular as it was one of the varieties that help open the eyes of many when it comes to seeing the potential of cannabis. This variety was used less than a decade ago for treating children and adults with epilepsy. It contains 17% CBD with traces of THC, this allows its users to get a very minimal high while being able to get the medicinal benefits of CBD. Charlotte’s Web is also known for its sweet taste and woodland scent.

    The Newcomers Cannabis Strains

    New Cannabis Strains

    With so many genius growers working behind the creation of new cannabis strains, it’s not that hard to find a few gems every now and then. Many of the newly developed strains will not just offer potency when it comes to THC levels. They can also provide unique effects, flavors, and aromas that will surely pique the interests of marijuana enthusiasts all over the world.

    16) The Peanut Butter Breath

    This rare hybrid cannabis strain is set to make its debut this year. Known for its delicately balanced THC to CBD ratio, this variety offers users with its uniquely rich, nutty flavor and aroma. Its high is characterized as being a potent cerebral lift that is soon followed by waves of energy throughout the body,

    17) The Runtz Canabis Strains

    Many experts in the marijuana community are saying that the Runtz will soon be making waves in the US this year. This strain is quite rare and is highly sought after because of its rich, candy-like aroma as well as its lovely lime and purple buds. The smoke that it creates is quite thick and creamy, it also has a very smooth flavor that many would surely enjoy.

    18) The Vanilla Frosting

    This cannabis strain is as amazing as its name. Its high has been described by many of its users as out of this world. It offers its users a distinct vanilla gelato flavor with a creamy and smooth finish. This strain is quite potent because of its high THC content and it often makes the user feel happy.

    19) The New

    This indica-dominant cannabis strain was made by using world-famous strains such as the Sherb’s Girl Scout Cookies to create an even more elevated variety. The New is known for its highly resinous buds that impart a sweet flavor and aroma. This strain offers a deep relaxing effect to its users with its high THC content.

    20) The Rare Hindu

    Following the very popular characteristics of the Hindu Kush strain and the OG#2 strain, the Rare Hindu is sure to be a favorite of those who like Kush. With its distinct, sugar-coated buds that look frosty, the Rare Hindu offers users a high that feels relaxing, calm, and soothing.


    Marijuana can be highly enjoyable, especially when you are able to get your hands on the right strain. Whether you want to use it for the high, or for its medicinal benefits, knowing what a specific strain can offer is vital.

    Many of the cannabis strains included in this list contain very high amounts of THC. And as such, we highly recommend that only experienced marijuana users try them. For medical marijuana users, we also suggest that you focus on using strains that can provide the right effect that will help you with your illnesses. And for new users, we recommend that you look for strains that contain low to average amounts of THC so you can avoid being overwhelmed by its effects.

    Want to know more about cannabis and cannabis products? Explore our wealth of marijuana information here.

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